Top 10 Pink Songs Albums List 2016

Pink Songs 2016 New list

Alecia Beth Moore popularly known as Pink. The name Pink is dominantly claimed for her stage performances. She is a known American based singer, musician and songwriter as well as an actress barring all these she is also a well-versed dancer. There are many hit new pink songs topping the charts. As performer she plays various genres like Pop, Pop rock and R&B. The various instruments played by her are vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, and bass.

New Pink SongsNew Pink Songs
Pink in the year 2012 launched her latest album known as “The Truth About Love”. This album is taken to be the sixth studio album of the performer. The single hit from this album is Blow me (one last kiss). Now join the list of new Pink songs.

New Top 10 Hit Pink Songs Best List 2016

  1. Glitter In The Air
  2. So What
  3. There You Go
  4. Missundaztood
  5. Family Portrait
  6. Just Like A Pill
  7. Get The Party Started
  8. Sober
  9. Raise Your Glass
  10. Funhouse
  11. I Don’t Believe You
  12. Who Knew
  13. Don’t Let Me Get Me
  14. Stupid Girls
  15. Trouble
  16. U & Ur Hand
  17. My Vietnam
  18. 18 Wheeler
  19. The One That Got Away
  20. Long Way To Happy

more songs joining soon in the list of new pinks songs.

Top Pink Songs

There are many hit songs of Pink. She is greatly loved as a rock performer. Many of her single songs from her various albums have topped the billboard chart. She has made an enormous amount of contribution to the Hollywood music industry.  Therefore some of her top songs are Glitter in the air, So What, There you go, Family portrait, Just like a pill, Sober, Raise your glass, Funhouse, I don’t believe you, Who knew, stupid girls, U& Ur hand, Trouble etc.

Best Pink Songs

Some of the best songs of Pink are:-
So What
Please Don’t
I don’t
Family Portrait
This is how it goes
One foot wrong
Bad influence
Glitter in the air
Crystal ball
There are many more best pink songs to head the list.

Pink as a performer has elongated list songs, the list cannot be completed by just putting down a few songs here but there are many songs that make it a long list.

Here is a list of top 10 Pink Songs
1  Sober
2  Raise your glass
3  So what
4  Who Knew
5  Please don’t leave me
6  Just like a pill
7  Funhouse
8  U Ur Hand
9  Don’t Let Me Get Me
10 Mean

Some of the songs of this singer are Eventually, Don’t let me get me, Cant take me home, Lonely girl, Love is such a stupid thing, Let me let you know, etc. Thanks for joining the list of new pink songs.

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