New Nicki Minaj Songs – Latest Songs 2016 List

Latest Nicki Minaj Songs New List

Born as Onika Tanya Maraj, Nicki Minaj is a Trinidad born American songstress, songwriter, performer and actor best known for new Nicki Minaj songs such as Super Bass, Starships, Pound the Alarm and Starship. Nicki Minaj shot to fame after her single Super bass as the edgy new lack diva to look out for in the R&B, Soul and Pop vocals industry. Her albums include Roman and Pink Friday. She is often in the media glare for raunchy and often disturbing lyrics.

Nicki Minaj SongsThe songs by Nicki Minaj are often inspired by her life as a celebrity, the constant attention that she gets from the paparazzi as a result of that, her emotions and feelings towards her fans as well as her love for life. Her lyrics talk about the perks of being a celebrity starlet while being constantly hounded by the media attention that nit-picks each of her public appearance. Join the list of Nicki Minaj songs.

List of Nicki Minaj Songs 2016

All I Do Is Win
Always Love You
Baddest Bitch
Batman – The Hoodstars
Beam Me Up Scotty
BedRock (feat. Lloyd) – Young Money
Beef Stew
Affirmative Action
Best I Ever Had (remix)
Big Bidness
Chocolate Legs (remix)
Click Clack
All About The Benjamins

List of Nicki Minaj Songs continues …..

Blow Ya Mind
Bottoms Up
Break Up
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Can Anybody Hear Me?
Catch Me – Nicki Minaj
Biggest Freak
Check It Out (with
Cuchi Shop
Cupid’s Got A Gun
Curious George
Dang A Lang
Danger Zone
Dark Fantasy

List of Nicki Minaj Songs continues …..

Dead Wrong
Dear Old Nicki
Diamonds On My Neck
Did It On’em
Dilly Dally
Do You Like it
Doin It Well
Don’t Mess With
Ease Up
Fly (feat. Rihanna)
Fuck U Silly
Get It All
Get Low 4 Me
Get Silly
Get Wit It
Get Ya Money Right
Higher Than A Kite
Hold Yuh (remix)
Hood Story – Nicki Minaj
Hot 97 with DJ Kay Slay
I’m Cumin
I’m The Best
I Ain’t Thru

List of Nicki Minaj Songs continues …..

I Bought That
Ice Cream Man
La Dee Da Dee
Last Chance
Letcha Go
Mean Walk
Mi Casa, Tu Casa
Million Dolla Baby
Minaj Et Trois
Mind On My Money
Miss Independent
Moment 4 Life
Money Ain’t A Thing
Monstar Biz
My Chick Bad

List of Nicki Minaj Songs continues …..

Not At All
Old Enough
Playtime Is Over
Raining Men
Right Thru Me
Roger That – Young Money
Sex In Crazy Places
Shakin It 4 Daddy
Single Ladies
Slumber Party
Super Bass
Sweet Dreams
Sweetest Girl
Up All Night
Up Out My Face
Warning ’07
Watch What U Say
Where’s Wayne?
Who’s Ya Best MC?
Who Run This?
Womp Womp
Wuchoo Know
Wanna Balla
YM Salute
Young Money Ballaz
40 Bars
5 Star Chick

More Songs coming soon in the List of Nicki Minaj Songs.

She also mentions issues such as bullying, self mutilation and self harm, urging her fans to get help if they face depression or any eating disorders. Most of the albums talk about her feelings as a normal girl, connecting with the younger audience, making a mark on the young teens that look up to her as their idol. Though her public image is often ridden with controversy, she makes it a point to clear the air through her songs, often expressing her thoughts in an unguarded way that she often keeps bolted inside her.

Best Nicki Minaj SongsShe also gives her audience a taste of African-American culture often saying what it feels like to be born on the wrong side of the town. With fans that look up to her and the paparazzi that adores her, Nicki Minaj has made a mark on the music industry worldwide as a successful pop singer amidst intense competition. Enjoy List of Nicki Minaj Songs.

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