List of Rihanna Songs – New Songs 2016

New Rihanna Songs List 2016

Born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Rihanna is an American songstress, songwriter, performer and actor best known for new Rihanna songs such as We found love, What’s my name, Only Girl in the world and Disturbia and her collaborative efforts with singers like Jay-Z and Eminem’s Love the way you lie. She is also known for her on again, off again relationship with singer, rapper Chris Brown. Rihanna shot to fame after her single Umbrella as the edgy new lack diva to look out for in the R&B, Soul and Pop vocals industry.

Rihanna SongsHer albums include Good girl gone bad, Rated R and S&M. She is often in the media glare for raunchy and often disturbing lyrics. The songs by Rihanna are often inspired by her life as a celebrity, the constant attention that she gets from the paparazzi as a result of that, her emotions and feelings towards her fans as well as her love for life. Her lyrics talk about the perks of being a celebrity starlet while being constantly hounded by the media attention that nit-picks each of her public appearance. Now Join the list of Rihanna songs.

List of Rihanna Songs

1 California King Bed
2 A Girl Like Me
3 A Million Miles Away
4 Birthday Cake
5 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
6 Umbrella
7 Don’t Stop the Music
8 Cold Case Love
9 Take A Bow
10 Drunk on Love
11 Cockiness (Love It)
12 Dem Haters
13 Half Of Me
14 Man Down
15 Farewell
16 Watch n’ Learn
17 Stupid In Love
18 Complicated
19 Final Goodbye
20 Loveeeeeee Song
21 Love The Way You Lie(Part II)
22 If It’s Lovin’ That You Want(Part II)
23 Do Ya Thang

list of Rihanna songs continues ……..

24 Rude Boy
25 Shut Up And Drive
26 G4L
27 Wait Your Turn
28 Who’s That Chick?
29 Hard
30 Good Girl Gone Bad
31 Lost In Paradise
32 Photographs
33 We Found Love
34 Fire Bomb
35 Rockstar 101
36 Skin
37 Talk That Talk
38 Pour It Up
39 What’s My Name?
40 Red Lipstick
41 Raining Men
42 Run This Town
43 You Da One
44 What Now
45 Sell Me Candy
46 Boom Boom
47 Should I?
48 There’s A Thug In My Life
49 Say It
50 Selfish Girl
51 Bubble Pop
52 No Love Allowed
53 Lemme Get That
54 Bitch I’m Special
55 Now I Know

more songs coming soon in the list of Rihanna songs.

She also mentions issues such as bullying, self mutilation and self harm, urging her fans to get help if they face depression or any eating disorders. Most of the albums talk about her feelings as a normal girl, connecting with the younger audience, making a mark on the young teens that look up to her as their idol. Though her public image is often ridden with controversy, she makes it a point to clear the air through her songs, often expressing her thoughts in an unguarded way that she often keeps bolted inside her.

Rihanna SongsShe also gives her audience a taste of African-American culture often saying what it feels like to be born on the wrong side of the town. With fans that look up to her and the paparazzi that adores her, Rihanna has made a mark on the music industry worldwide as a successful pop singer amidst intense competition. Thanks for joining the list of Rihanna songs.

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