List of Christina Aguilera Songs – New Songs 2016

New Christina Aguilera Songs

Born as Christina Maria Aguilera, Christina Aguilera is an American songstress, television personality and actor best known for the best Christina Aguilera songs Genie in a bottle and her stint as a judge on the American television show The Voice along with co-judges Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green. Christina Aguilera shot to fame after recording the animated film Mulan’s theme song called Reflection in 1998. The best Christina Aguilera songs include hits like Genie in a bottle, All I want is you and What a girl wants.

Christina Aguilera SongsThe songs by Christina Aguilera are often inspired by her life as a celebrity, the constant attention that she gets from the paparazzi as a result of that, her emotions and feelings towards her fans as well as her love for life. Her lyrics talk about the perks of being a celebrity starlet while being constantly hounded by the media attention that nit-picks each of her public appearance. Now Join the List of Christina Aguilera songs.

List of Christina Aguilera Songs 2016

1 Your Body
2 Fighter
3 Beautiful
4 Oh Mother
5 Genie in a Bottle
6 You Lost Me
7 Shut Up
8 Glam
9 Sex for Breakfast
10 Lotus Intro
11 Get Mine, Get Yours
12 Red Hot Kinda Love
13 Let There Be Love
14 Lotus Intro
15 Best of Me
16 Elastic Love
17 Sing for Me
18 Slow Down Baby
19 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
20 Cease Fire

List of Christina Aguilera songs continues….

21 Ain’t No Other Man
22 Keeps Gettin’ Better
23 Candyman
24 Light Up the Sky
25 Army of Me
26 Let There Be Love
27 You Are What You Are
28 I Hate Boys
29 Prima Donna
30 Sing for Me
31 Not Myself Tonight
32 Around the World
33 Bionic
34 Show Me How You Burlesque
35 Light Up the Sky
36 Without You
37 What’s Going On
38 Rain Wont Last Forever
39 The Voice Within
40 I Turn to You
41 What Kind Of World
42 Lady Marmalade
43 What Child Is This
44 Unfaithful
45 Too Beautiful For Words
46 These Are the Special Times
47 The Music That Makes Me Dance
48 Thank You
49 That’s What Love Can Do
50 Running Out of Time
51 Tell Me Lies
52 Somebody’s Somebody

more songs coming soon in the List of Christina Aguilera songs

Most of the Christina Aguilera albums talk about her feelings as a normal girl, connecting with the younger audience, making a mark on the young teens that look up to her as their idol. Though her public image is often ridden with controversy, she makes it a point to clear the air through her songs, often expressing her thoughts in an unguarded way that she often keeps bolted inside her.

Christina Aguilera SongsHer latest collaboration with the Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine’s Maroon 5 was much appreciated with Moves like Jagger making it to the Billboard top ten. With fans that look up to her and the paparazzi that adores her, Christina Aguilera has made a mark on the music industry worldwide as a successful pop singer amidst intense competition. Thanks for joining the List of Christina Aguilera songs and special thanks to Paras Dasot for his art work.

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