Latest List of New Drake Songs with Top 10 Albums 2016

New Drake Songs Albums List 2016

Aubrey Drake Graham popularly known as a Canadian based recording artist. But through his full name he is more known as Drake, under this name his entire recording for music is done. He has a variety of genres to display his expertise. Some of his genres are R&B, Hip Hop and Pop. He also has a diverse range of roles to play when it comes to his occupation. Apart from being a record artist he is also a rapper, songwriter, as well as an actor. As a performer he also writes songs for other artists like Alicia Keys and Jamie Foxx. He has done full justice to all his performances till today. He is associated with labels like Cash Money, Young Money, Republic, and Universal Republic. Through his performances he has three Juno Awards and three BET Awards. New Drake SongsDrake has an elongated list when it comes to his songs. Apart from his solo songs he has also performed in a variety of associated acts with singers like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj. Some of his smash hit singles have been Best I Ever Had. The song Successful was indeed a hit but not a very major one. Songs like Over and Find Your Love from his debut album Thank Me Later were major hits and acquired a position on the Billboard. Join the list of Drake song.

List of Drake Songs

“Don’t U Have A Man”
“Crew Love”
“Find Your Love”
“Enjoy Ya Self”
“9 A.M. In Dallas”
“Over My Dead Body”
“Show Me a Good Time”
“Slow It Down”
“Bollywood Flow”
“Think Good Thoughts”
“Light Up (Thank Me Later)”
“Hate Sleeping Alone”
“Fed Up”
“It’s Been A Pleasure”
“One Man Show”
“Work To Do”
“Shot for Me”
“The Resistance”

List of Top 10 New Drake songs.

1.  Feel Love
2.  Moment 4 Life
3.  Make Me Proud – Take Care (2011)
4.  Best I Ever Had
5.  Right Above It
6.  Started from the Bottom – Nothing Was The Same (2016)
7.  Say Something
8.  Loving You No More
9.  Right Here
10, Find Your Love – Thank Me Later (2010)

There are many new Drake songs that one would listen too. Some of the new releases of Drake have been from his second studio album named Take Care. Some of the songs from this album are Dreams Money Can Buy, Marvins Room, Headlines, and Make Me Proud, which in the song also featured Nicki Minaj. These are some of the songs that have been at the top of the Billboard list.

Drake New Popular Albums  List

What’s Love
Take Care
Marvins Room
Thank Me Later
So Far Gone
Best I Ever Had

There are some of the top Drake songs that have given him the maximum recognition and make what he is today. These songs have indeed made him a perfect entertainer. Some of the latest Drake songs that bring him popularity are Best I Ever Had, a song that was his single hit. The other song was successful. Songs like Over and Find Your Love from the album Thank Me later have indeed been a great hit. Songs from his third studio album like Make Me Proud, Headlines and many more have been a great hit of the performer Drake. The latest Drake songs was released on 55th Grammy Awards. The song has been titled as Started From The Bottom. Thanks for here to enjoy the list of Drake songs.

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