Top Frank Ocean Songs List – Best Albums 2016

Top Frank Ocean Songs List

The singer songwriter from New Orleans, Christopher Francis Ocean, most popularly known as Frank Ocean, was born on 28 October, 1987 and has been active in his music career since 2006 till present. He is said to be very inspired by his mother who introduced him to music at a very young age and instilled a feeling of love for the music. In his early years of career, Frank worked as a writer for singers like Justin Bieber, John Legend and Brandy. He joined the talented hip hop group of OFWGKTA, popularly known as Odd future. He has worked part time as a teenager for managing money for his music career. Top Frank Ocean songs are mostly focussed on the feelings of love, nostalgia and separation. Top Frank Ocean SongsBest Frank Ocean songs are full with melody and powerful lyrics. Thinking About you, Fertilizer, Sweet life, Pyramids, Lost, No love, Electric feel, Wiseman, Bedtime stories, We all try, Strawberry Strings are just few top Frank Ocean songs. Frank plays the electric keyboard and the stage presence of his shows are often low. The experimental structure of Frank ocean hit songs accompanied by low tempo is interesting to hear. There have been many ups and down in Frank’s music career. When in New Orleans, hurricane Katrina of 2005 completely destroyed his music recording room because of which he had to move to Los Angeles. Here, he signed his contract as a solo artist with the help of Tricky Stewart.

List of Top Frank Ocean Songs 2016

White (from the album Channel Orange)
Lost (from the album Channel Orange)
Pyramids (from the album Channel Orange)
Monks (from the album Channel Orange)
Forrest Gump(from the album Channel Orange)
Bad Religion (from the album Channel Orange)
Pink Matter (from the album Channel Orange)
Thinkin Bout You (from the album Channel Orange)
Crack Rock (from the album Channel Orange)
Super Rich Kids (from the album Channel Orange)
Swim Good (from the album Nostalgia, Ultra.)
Novacane (from the album Nostalgia, Ultra.)
Sweet Life (from the album Channel Orange)

Top albums of Frank Ocean:

1   The Best of Frank Ocean.
2   Channel Orange.
3   Channel Purple Album.
4   Nostalgia, Ultra.

2011 onwards, Frank has added many albums to his critical acclaim. The first mix tape Nostalgia, Ultra was one of his best ever done music which focuses on the depth of interpersonal relationships. New frank ocean songs like Pink matter, Astro, Pyramids, Channel Orange, Sweet Life will feature him in an all new style.

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