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Latest Demi Lovato Songs

Born as Demetria Devonne “Demi” Lovato, Demi Lovato is an American songstress, television personality and actor best known for the Camp Rock musical and her stint as a judge on the American television show X factor along with co-judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. Demi Lovato shot to fame after her lead role with Joe Jonas and the Jonas brothers in Disney’s teen movie Camp Rock although she had been acting for Disney ever since the days of Barney and friends along with best friend and contemporary, Selena Gomez. After being admitted to a rehab facility, Lovato turned her life around after being diagnosed with bipolar personality and eating disorders.

Demi Lovato SongsThe new Demi Lovato song Skyscraper received tremendous acclaim as she talked about her time in the rehab facility. Latest Demi Lovato are often inspired by her life as a celebrity, the constant attention that she gets from the paparazzi as a result of that, her emotions and feelings towards her fans as well as her love for life. Find the list of latest Demi Lovato songs.

List of Demi Lovato Songs

1 All Night Long
2 Here We Go Again
3 Can’t Back Down
4 For the Love of a Daughter
5 I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
6 Give Your Heart a Break
7 It’s Not Too Late
8 World of Chances
9 Together
10 Fix a Heart
11 This Is Our Song
12 Stop the World
13 This Is Me
14 So Far So Great
15 Falling Over Me
16 Got Dynamite
17 World Of Chances
18 On the Line
19 Trainwreck
20 This Is Me / I Gotta Find You
21 The Middle

list of Demi Lovato songs continues ……

22 Until You’re Mine
23 Solo
24 Skyscraper
25 My Love is Like a Star
26 Yes I Am
27 Got Dynamite
28 Gonna Get Caught
29 Two Worlds Collide
30 Who’s That Boy
31 Remember December
32 You’re My Only Shorty
33 Send It On
34 Two Worlds Collide
35 La La Land
36 Unbroken
37 On The Line ft. Jonas Brothers
38 One and the Same
39 Gift Of a Friend
40 Brand New Day
41 Make a Wave
42 Believe In Me
43 Behind Enemy Lines
44 High School Miserable
45 Hold Up
46 In Real Life
47 Yes I Am
48 Trash
49 Work of Art
50 Got My Girls
51 Lightweight
52 Who Will I Be?
53 Angels Among Us

More Songs Coming Soon in the list of Demi Lovato songs.

Her lyrics talk about the perks of being a celebrity starlet while being constantly hounded by the media attention that nit-picks each of her public appearance. She also mentions issues such as bullying, self mutilation and self harm, urging her fans to get help if they face depression or any eating disorders. Most of the Demi Lovato albums talk about her feelings as a normal girl, connecting with the younger audience, making a mark on the young teens that look up to her as their idol.

Demi Lovato SongsThough her public image is often ridden with controversy, she makes it a point to clear the air through her songs, often expressing her thoughts in an unguarded way that she often keeps bolted inside her. With fans that look up to her and the paparazzi that adores her, Demi Lovato has made a mark on the music industry worldwide as a successful pop singer amidst intense competition. Thanks for joining the list of Demi Lovato songs and special thanks to Paras Dasot for his art work.

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